Dennis Baer's Web Page
  My name's Dennis, age 49. I live in the state of New York on Long Island. I program computers and  have used computers in one way or another since 1966 from an IBM 7094 to the 586/133 that I use now. I have used mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers of many types.

If you like working with programming languages, you can download my Structured Programming Language from this link below.

Structured Programming Language for DOS,Win95,OS/2

More to come in the future.....

My new 586/133 computer pictured below.


Take a look at my great grandparents pictured 80 years ago in 1920 both at age 55.

Download the entire ship passenger index for the 1903 Project

Download a good text search program that searches unopened Zip files.

Take a look at the Hungarian Special Interest Group Genealogy Web Page